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Wandee Goodday - Yoryak Necklace

Pre-order opens until 30 June 2024. Expected to ship within August 2024.


Yoryak Necklace from the Wandee Goodday series–Necklace with two Ys pendant design inspired by the name of Yoryak (Great Sapol). Yoryak gives this personal necklace, which he always wears, to Wandee (Inn Sarin) on the day they establish their relationship. From then on, Wandee wears this necklace constantly, signifying his relationship with Yoryak, as Yoryak has never given this necklace to anyone but chooses to give it to Dr. Wandee.


Product details:

- Size 3 x 2 cm

- Necklace length: 46 cm, stainless material 


Directions for Use: To wear as an adornment


#wandeegooddaytheseries #GMMTV #greatinn #innpitar #greatsapol

Wandee Goodday - Yoryak Necklace


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