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TROPICANA foot care cream 50g.


Foot care cream, formula to reduce cracked heels and eliminate odor, size 50 G Cream mixed with 10% urea derivative helps nourish the skin on the feet, soft and pleasant to the touch. Ready to help exfoliate skin cells And helps reduce the appearance of cracks in the heels.



  • Contains coconut oil to help increase moisture and reduce cracked heels
  • Reduce the smell of feet with peach extract imported from Japan
  • Helps keep you cool while wearing shoes with peppermint essential oil
  • Stimulates foot skin cell turnover with 10% urea derivative


How to use: Massage your feet with foot cream thoroughly before and after putting on socks or shoes


Brand Info

“TROPICANA” was founded with a strong ambition to create the best beauty and health products, combined with an 80-year expertise and experience in coconut agriculture passed down through generations from the Tapi basin in Surat Thani Province. Tropicana offer various products made from virgin cold-pressed coconut oil that are the result of a manufacturing process that prioritizes quality, the environment, agriculturists, the local community, and our customers. TROPICANA’s brand vision concept of “Growing Together” aspires to expand in a sustainable way with everyone engaged.

TROPICANA Coconut oil foot care cream 50g.

  • Size: 50g.

    Product of Thailand

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