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Taoyeablok Foot Deodorant Powder Antibacterial Formula 30g.


Foot deodorizing powder, antibacterial formula (blue cap) The white powder is suitable for painting white or brightly colored socks or shoes. Immediately, no need to mix with water Combining the value of natural herbs The legendary secret formula of the turtle stepping on the world.

- Reduces rashes, itching and itching that occur on the soles of the feet.
- Antibacterial ingredients Helps eliminate bacteria Causes of foot odor - Inhibits bad odors caused by socks and shoes.
- Step out of the house with confidence. Long-lasting protection all day


Brand info:

The No. 1 selling deodorant brand among Thai people, guaranteed by users of all genders and ages, made from alum. and natural raw materials Does not contain alcohol, which is a substance that is often found in general deodorant products.

Taoyeablok Foot Deodorant Powder Antibacterial Formula 30g.

  • Net content: 30 g.

    Product of Thailand

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