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Sweet Tooth, Good Dentist Novel (Thai Version)


First edition



Jay is a 10, but he also happens to be a narcissist. That’s why Sont blocks him on every platform after spending one date with him… Only for them to bump into each other again two years later.

It all begins with Sont’s sweet tooth and his dessert ASMR channel which leads to none other than some serious dental problems. Seeking help, Sont walks right into Jay’s path, who is a dentistry student. If that is no coincidence enough, Jay also just starts working night shifts at the convenience store in Sont’s apartment building. At this point, even if Sont wants to run, he doesn’t have much chance of escaping. Even two years later, Jay is still consistently a narcissist, but Sont is thinking of giving this love another go, because maybe, just maybe, this time it will work out.


With an exclusive 5 x 7” postcard and a 2 x 6” bookmark!


408 pages


Available only in Thai version.


Due to high demand, we recommend checking stock availability before purchasing. You can easily do this by sending us a quick message using the chat button on the bottom right corner.



Sweet Tooth, Good Dentist Novel (Thai Version)

  • Pages: 248

    Bonus! One 5 x 7 in  postcard, one 2 x 6 in Photo Strip and one 8.5 x 5.5 cm photocard (One of two designs is chosen at random.)

    Available only in Thai version.

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