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The Legend of Snake Brand Cooling Powder The world's first original cooling powder In 1947, a lawyer named Mr. Brisbane came to see Dr. Oakley (Oakley), a doctor at the British drug store Snake Brand. Because the weather in Thailand is hot.

Therefore it is an itchy rash. The doctor gave me caramel lotion to apply. But after using it, it doesn't go away.

The doctors then mixed the powder and added cold water for Mr. Brisbane to use. It turned out that it worked well. The rash is gone and you feel comfortable.

The properties of Snake Brand Cooling Powder are therefore widely known by word of mouth. and is very popular Therefore, it was produced and sold as a mass product, initially sold under the brand Zenlux. (St.Luke's) later in the year B.E. 2004 changed its name to Snake Brand.

Sketolene Jungle Concentrated Slug and Mosquito Repellent Spray 70ml. x2

  • Sketolene Jungle 70 ml.
    Deet95% concentrated slug and mosquito repellent spray
    Mosquito repellent spray, Mosquito&Leech Repellen

    Spray for mosquitoes, slugs and all types of insects.
    For example, quails or gnats (sea) can be infested for about 7 hours. Suitable for traveling in various places (mountains, sea).

    How to use: Spray Skitoline Jungle on the skin to repel mosquitoes and snails. and all kinds of insects Disturbing for approximately 7 hours

    How to store: Store in a closed place away from children, food, and pets. Flames and heat. Close the lid tightly and avoid exposure to sunlight.

    1. Do not eat.
    2. Do not use on children under 12 years of age.
    3. Do not use it as a substitute for general spray. You should spray it when you want to use it to protect against mosquitoes and slugs, and be careful not to let children play with it.
    4. Before using, try spraying it on the crook of your arm first. If there is no allergic reaction or irritation, so use it to spray other areas
    5. Use only when necessary. Do not use continuously. or used in large quantities
    6. Do not spray on soft tissue areas such as near the eyes, lips, eyelids, armpits, or wound areas.
    7. After use If you handle food, you should wash your hands first.
    8. Do not spray on clothing that is nylon, cotton, polyester and avoid contact with plastics and synthetic fibers.

    Basic way to cure poison
    1. If it gets on soft tissue, immediately rinse it off with plenty of water.
    2. If it gets into your eyes, immediately rinse with clean water until irritation subsides. If it doesn't improve, see a doctor.
    3. If you swallow dangerous substances Induce vomiting by drinking 2 glasses of water and then gargling.
    4. If symptoms are severe Bring the patient to the doctor along with the hazardous substance container.

    FDA: 583/2558

    Product of Thailand

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