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Poysian Brand Menthol Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler 1.7ml


  • Relieve nasal congestion and improve breathing
  • Feel refreshed and energized with the invigorating menthol scent
  • Convenient size for easy portability


How to Use:

Simply hold the inhaler up to your nose and take a few deep breaths. You can repeat this as needed.

Poysian Brand Menthol Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler 1.7ml

  • Package: 60pcs., 120pcs., 180pcs.

    Product details Poi Sian is used for inhalation and application in the same tube.

    • Reduce nasal congestion due to colds.
    • Reduce dizziness.
    • Use for sniffing and applying in the same tube.

    It's a common home medicine.

    Use for sniffing and applying in the same tube.
    Relieves dizziness.
    Relieve nasal congestion Due to a cold

    Ingrediants :
    Menthol 42.0% w/v
    Camphor 16.4% w/v
    Eucalyptus oil 8.5% w/v
    Borneol 6.1% w/v

    Registered no.: G 598/45

    How to use :

    • Use for inhalation or drop onto a handkerchief and inhale.
    • Should be used when having a stuffy nose. dizziness Feeling dizzy, like you might faint or feel nauseated.
    • Inhalant is suitable for temporary use only.
    • When using the inhalant for a while, the above symptoms still do not improve. You should consult a doctor.
    • Do not use inhalants for young children. Because the lining inside the nose may still be too fragile.
    • Using it as a liquid balm should not touch the nose directly. But it should be dripped into a handkerchief. Or apply a thin layer to the chest area instead.
    • Do not insert the inhaler into your nose for a long time. Because it may cause the smell of the inhalant to be inhaled too intensely and excessively.
    • People with sinusitis should avoid using this product.
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