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Oxecure Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser 120ml. + Ultra Gentle Moisturizer 75ml.


Oxecure Ultra Gentle Moisturizer 75ml.
Facial cream Light cream texture, special gentle formula for sensitive skin. Suitable for everyday use. With powerful ingredients like 5X Ceramides from Germany that help nourish the skin to be soft and moisturized.

Along with flower extracts, Calendula extract and Pre & Probiotics help restore the skin to be smooth, look healthy and take care of the skin from dryness and tightness.

Amino Acid Aqua Technology locks moisture into the skin. Nourishes the skin to be soft and moisturized for a long time.

5X Ceramides combines 5 types of Ceramide to help increase and maintain moisture in the skin for a long time. Ready to help make the skin firm and healthy.Suitable for all skin types.

Even sensitive skin Tested by skin experts and hypoallergenic formula.

Pre & Probiotics Stimulates youthful, firm skin Ready to make your skin naturally radiant.
Relieves inflammation and helps restore the skin to a better health. Restore skin from irritation with Calendula extract.
Tested by skin experts Suitable for all skin types. Especially sensitive skin.

Alcohol-free, Silicone-free, Mineral oil-free, Fragrance-free Colorant-free.


Oxecure Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser 120 ml.
Facial cleansing gel to clean sensitive skin with pH balance, specially formulated for sensitive skin and all types of skin. High efficiency without making the skin dry and tight. combined with high technology 3D Bio-Micro Release, 5X Ceramides from Germany, Oat Amino Micellar Complex and carefully selected ingredients for efficiency such as Bakuchiol, Cactus, Phyto Squalane, Kakadu Plum that helps soothe the skin deep cleaning Strengthen the skin barrier.


Increase flexibility Ready to provide moisture to the skin. Adjust the skin to be bright and smooth Looks healthy, suitable for cleaning and protecting the skin every day.

How to use: Drop facial cleansing gel on your palm. Apply cleanser all over your face while your face is wet, then rinse off.


Warning: The product should be stored away from sunlight and heat. Be careful not to get it into your eyes, nose, and mouth. Do not use in children under 3 years of age.
Avoid use on damaged skin. or irritation And if after using it there are any abnormalities. You should stop using and consult a doctor.


Brand info:

Every product of Oxecure is designed to suit people who have acne problems on both the face and body. Can be used by people of all genders and ages, both dry and oily skin.

Oxecure acne Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser 120ml + Ultra Gentle Moisturizer 75ml.

  • Size:

    Oxecure Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser 120 ml.

    Oxecure Ultra Gentle Moisturizer 75ml.

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