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Nanon Korapat Born To Beo Concert DVD Boxset

Expected to ship from late June 2024 / Pre-order opens until 5 May 2024


Live performance DVDs from 'Nanon Born to Beo Concert,' the first full solo concert of Nanon Korapat's life, are overflowing with warmth and happiness, as each segment bursts with Nanon's infectious spirit, treating fans to non-stop enjoyment throughout every moment of the show—Born To Act, Born To Dance, Born To Play, Born To Talk, Born To Sing, Born To Fun, and Born To Be Me—along with an exclusive lineup of guests who enhance the fun and happiness for the audience in every musical aspect. Every impression and heartwarming moment, both on and off stage, are compiled for this perfect collectible DVD performance. Get premium gifts that are only available in this BOXSET!


Included in the BOXSET 

  • 1 BOXSET (19.5 x 27.9 cm)
  • 1 Photobook: 100 pages of memorable images from ‘Nanon Born To Beo Concert’ (18.3 x 26.7 cm)
  • 2 Photocards: 1 of them comes with Nanon’s autograph (18 x 26.7 cm) 
  • 12 Postcards: (4 x 6”)
  • 1 Nanon Standee: 14.8 x 21 cm
  • 2 Special Photocards: PVC material (5.5 x 8.5 cm) 
  • 3 Exclusive Thank You Cards: (4.8 x 8 cm) distributed at Nanon Born To Beo Concert special reprinted exclusively for this boxset
  • 2 DVDs featuring 32 performances (excluding those subject to copyright protections):


Nanon Korapat Born To Beo Concert DVD Boxset

  • Performance List

    1. Just Friend?

    2. Our Song

    3. Pretend

    4. Rak Thae Mi Yu Ching

    5. Unfriend Zone

    6. Ok Mi Wai Hak 

    7. Choe Tae Khon Chai Rai

    8. Let Me Love You

    9. How Much?

    10. Pretty…Good

    11. No Worries

    12. Unexpected

    13. Knock Knock 

    14. Life Boy

    15. Cha Rak Rue Cha Rai

    16. My Universe is You

    17. Kwa Cha Roo Chai Tua Eng

    18. Dao Pradap Fa

    19. The Secrets Of The Universe

    20. Please Try Again

    21. B612

    22. Butterfly Effect

    23. Cute Cute

    24. You Had Me at Hello

    25. YOUniverse

    26. Spark

    27. Why Always Me?

    28. Kep Wai Nai Chai Mai Pho

    29. Double

    30. Rebound

    31. Super Saiyan

    32. Unidentified Wonder

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