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Side by Side Bright Win Concert, the first mega concert of Bright-Vachirawit and Win-Metawin in Thailand, was an event of unprecedented heat and happiness. They both put everything they had into every performance, some of that we had never seen before. Get excited by the stage's outstanding lighting and sounds, as well as the presence of special guests. Fill your heart with experiences that will ultimately bring you joy. This DVD BOXSET is nothing else but a must-have. Every beautiful moment, both on and off stage is all captured on the DVDs, along with the special bonus that you can get from this BOXSET only!


  • Included in the BOXSET 

    - BOXSET, 19.5 x 27.9 cm

     2DVDs Side by Side Bright Win Concert  and Never-before-seen behind the scenes (with English subtitles)
     Photobook with all memorable moments from the Side by Side Bright Win Concert, 100 pages, 18.3 x 26.7 cm
     3 Photocards, 18 x 26.7 cm ( 1 signed Photocard of Bright and Win)
     12 Postcards, 4 x 6 in
     Endless Card, 4 x 4 in
     Photo Booth, 4 x 6 in 
     2 Exclusive Photocards, (5.5 x 8.5 cm) PVC material printed with special techniques with Spot UV finish. Bonus! an extra Exclusive Photocard with both actors. (One of three exclusive photocards is chosen at random.) 
     2 Bright Win Money Photocard, 6.6 x 15.6 cm
    -  2 Exclusive Thank you card, 6.2 x 10 cm, Thank You cards from all of the six artists distributed at the Side by Side Bright Win Concert, reprinted in a special format exclusively for this boxset

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