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When his twin brother gets severely attacked, a younger twin brother must find out who is responsible for it by pretending to be his twin brother. It is the beginning of a love story amidst justice searching and intensive social problems. This series is known for its intriguing storyline and production by award-winning producers. All impressive and iconic scenes, as well as behind the scenes and the making-of, are put together in DVD BOXSET for your long-lasting memory. Plus special giveaways!


Due to high demand, we recommend checking stock availability before purchasing. You can easily do this by sending us a quick message using the chat button on the bottom right corner.


  • •  Boxset size - 27.9 x 19.5 cm

    •  8 DVDs: Complete 14 episodes (with English Subtitle), 2 official OST Music Videos, never-before-seen behind the scenes

    • Photobook: 100 pages (18 x 26.7 cm) with Red Transparent Card

    • 2 Photocards: 2 official posters of ‘Not Me’ series (18 x 26.7 cm) 

    • 8 Postcards: (4 x 6”) 

    • 2 NOT ME Exclusive Photocards (5.5 x 8.5 cm) with Off and Gun’s autographs

    • Tattoos: ‘Not Me’ iconic tattoos (4 x 6”)

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