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De Leaf was established with the belief that 

natural ingredients are the key to healthy skin.


We rediscover nature and resemble it with 

science to create a key to unlock the natural

beauty in women’s skin.

De Leaf Thanaka Refreshing Talcum Powder

  • De Leaf Thanaka Loose Powder, a loose powder like no other. De Leaf Thanaka Loose Powder is loose powder produced from a mixture of Thanaka wood and other ingredients that are carefully selected Integrating modern production innovations To truly value the beauty power of nature.

    What is the special price for De Leaf loose powder?
    Rich in ingredients from Thanaka Oil control and conceals dark circles naturally Helps stop sweat and rashes.
    Smells refreshing and cool on the skin.
    Can be applied to both the face and body.
    If you mix De Leaf Thanaka Talcum Powder with clean water. Can be used as a mask on the face. For smooth, soft, radiant facial skin

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