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De Leaf was established with the belief that 

natural ingredients are the key to healthy skin.


We rediscover nature and resemble it with 

science to create a key to unlock the natural

beauty in women’s skin.

De Leaf Tanaka Satin Smooth Translucent Powder 3 jars

  • The powder texture is smooth, fine, smooth, soft, light and extremely comfortable on the skin. Nourish your skin to be white. Smooth and clear with natural values ​​from pearl powder, honey, and natural mineral water. and extract French roses Helps control oil on the face and prevents acne.

    With natural extracts Help take care of your skin Make your skin shine with value.

    • Premium grade Thanaka extract That has the ability to help absorb oil on the face, giving a beautiful, clear face, not shiny, looking smooth and natural.
    • Natural honey extract increases the moisture of dry and deteriorated skin. Nourishes the skin to be flexible, smooth and soft. Look healthy, slow down the deterioration of the skin
    • French rose extract water Helps add moisture to the skin to shine. And restores and soothes the skin, heals pores and prevents irritation.
    • Freshwater pearl powder extract Protects the skin from radiation and makes the skin naturally radiant.
    • Natural mineral water from granite under the sea. Increase moisture and restore the skin to be strong
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