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ASEPSO™ soap was first developed by the Edward Cook Company in London in the 19th century. ​ ASEPSO™ is one of the first antibacterial sanitary soaps invented. It has since become a product that relieves skin infections and reduces bacteria on the skin.

More importantly With its increasing popularity in tropical areas in the 1900s, it became known for relieving heat rashes. ​ Over the past decade, Asepso™ has become an iconic and trusted brand worldwide.

From a single soap, Asepso™, to the present, Asepso™ offers a wide range of family skin care and deodorant products. ​ All products are formulated to help refresh and protect your skin.

Asepso Soap Soothing Cool 70g. (Pack of 4)

  • Cool and refreshing with the cooling agent menthol, an extract from mint leaves. that has fragrant properties and coolness when in contact with the skin and cleanses bacteria and germs That is the cause of skin problems, rashes, acne, body odor and athlete's foot.

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