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ASEPSO™ soap was first developed by the Edward Cook Company in London in the 19th century. ​ ASEPSO™ is one of the first antibacterial sanitary soaps invented. It has since become a product that relieves skin infections and reduces bacteria on the skin.

More importantly With its increasing popularity in tropical areas in the 1900s, it became known for relieving heat rashes. ​ Over the past decade, Asepso™ has become an iconic and trusted brand worldwide.

From a single soap, Asepso™, to the present, Asepso™ offers a wide range of family skin care and deodorant products. ​ All products are formulated to help refresh and protect your skin.

Asepso Soap Antibacterial Original 30g. (Pack of 4, 12)

  • Original sanitary smell Effective in removing dirt on the skin. Cleanses bacteria and germs That is the cause of skin problems, rashes, acne, body odor and athlete's foot.

    FDA: 10-1-6010000613

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