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WIN METAWIN OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK, co-designed by Win – light stick inspired by Win's personal favorite: automobile, the circle representing a car tire with the iconic 'WIN METAWIN' name is ready to take you all on exciting journeys, 'W' in the center of the stick, wrist strap with ‘WIN METAWIN’ logo packaged in a beautiful box design. Special! White light stick dust bag with black Win logo.


*Batteries Not Included*

Win Metawin Official Light Stick

Only 2 left in stock

    Design: co-designed by Win Metawin

    Colors: 14 colors

    Lighting modes: steady light, flashing light, and RGB multi-color

    System: CENTRAL CONTROL apps for altering colors during concerts

    Material: ABS and Silicone

    Height: 25.6 cm

    *Batteries Not Included*

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