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Size: 35 ML. / 1 FL.OZ.

Directions for Use:​ Spray on the body.

Cautions: Store away from light in a cool, dry area. Avoid contact with eyes.

Warning: Do not spray near an open flame.


Expected to ship from late May 2024
  •  TIWA Perfume From Last Twilight Series: TIWA is the name of Days favorite perfume which he gifts it to Mhok on the same day that Mhok takes him to witness the sunrise from the rooftop. And no matter how much time passes, Mhok always keeps the perfume with him and only wears it on special occasions, including the day he sees Day again.

         TIWA is unique because it is a newly designed perfume created specifically for the Last Twilight series to assist the characters in experiencing the feelings and situations depicted in the series. Just as Day links the scent to Mhok's personality, saying It smells like toughness and aggression. At first, you want to flee from it. But after you scent it for a while, it makes you feel warm.

          The first aroma of TIWA will be Green and Spicy,’ derived from bergamot and grapefruit, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. However, after a while, it leaves you with the aroma of warmth and calm, which is a complex yet nice combination of cactus, amber, red cedar, vanilla, and musk. Furthermore, TIWA means Day or Daytime, which is akin to 'Day,' the main character in the series.

    Plus! Special photocard from Last Twilight Series. (size 5.5 x 8.5 cm)