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Supaporn Group
Supaporn Group is a manufacturer and distributor of Thailand top herbal skin care products with over 50 years of experience in Thai herbal skin care market, there are 3 main brands: Supaporn, Patummas, and Isika, with 3 affiliated companies, namely Siam Safeway Trading Co., Ltd., Supaporn Natural Herbs Import Export and Herbs Beauty Corporation Co., Ltd. Supaporn Group's products have a clear standpoint on herbs and quality. Our products are one of the top seller herbal skin care in Thailand, high quality products and affordable prices. The products are available throughout Thailand in both Modern trade and Traditional trade stores as well as in Southeast Asia and Middle Eastern countries.

Supaporn Herbal Soap 100g. x2ea

  • Set of 2 packs


    Turmeric Cool Herbal Soap 100g.

    Turmeric Cool Herbal Soap + Collagen and Vitamin C, Turmeric herb is an ancient herb that nourishes skin, combines collagen for smooth, moist and pleasant skin to the touch, along with vitamin B3 and vitamin C to enhance the skin to look white and bright naturally. It gives a feeling of cleanliness, coolness and relaxation.


    Tanaka Herbal Soap 100g.

    Tanaka Herbal Soap, Cool Formula + Vitamin E, a miracle herb from South East Asia, combines Vitamin E to moisturize and soften skin while taking care of the skin from dark spots. It gives a feeling of cleanliness, coolness, relaxation, and you can feel the natural freshness of the fragrance.


    7 Herbs cool herbal soap 100g.

    7 Herbs cool herbal soap + Q10, consisting of Tamarind, Artocarpus Lakoocha Heart Wood, Turmeric, Zingiber Cassumunar, Curcuma aromatica, Green Tea, Guava leaves and Coenzyme Q10, helping to reveal new skin to look bright, smooth, soft to the touch. Experience the fresh and cool herbal scent of nature.


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