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Snake Brand Cooling Body Wipes Classic (10 sheets x4packs)


Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Body Wipes Classic

Cool tissues are used to clean the skin. Soft fabric with Menthol ingredients to keep you cool anytime, anywhere.
Without refrigeration and with the fragrant scent of Natural Essential Oil.
Snake Brand's unique formula that helps add freshness and it is effective in reducing the accumulation of bacteria, making it clean with confidence.

How to use: Pull off the sticker on the front and use it anytime you want to be clean and cool.

1. Do not wipe the area around the eyes, sensitive skin, or wounds.
2. Should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius and avoid sunlight.
3. To prevent the cloth from drying out, the sticker should be closed after every use.

FDA: 10-1-6010057004


Brand Info:

The Legend of Snake Brand Cooling Powder The world's first original cooling powder In 1947, a lawyer named Mr. Brisbane came to see Dr. Oakley (Oakley), a doctor at the British drug store Snake Brand. Because the weather in Thailand is hot.

Therefore it is an itchy rash. The doctor gave me caramel lotion to apply. But after using it, it doesn't go away.

The doctors then mixed the powder and added cold water for Mr. Brisbane to use. It turned out that it worked well. The rash is gone and you feel comfortable.

The properties of Snake Brand Cooling Powder are therefore widely known by word of mouth. and is very popular Therefore, it was produced and sold as a mass product, initially sold under the brand Zenlux. (St.Luke's) later in the year B.E. 2004 changed its name to Snake Brand.

Snake Brand Cooling Body Wipes Classic (10 sheets x4packs)

  • Package: 10sheet x4pack

    Product of Thailand

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