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Products from Thai herbs, 4 designs | Scents designed according to the house elements of earth, water, wind, and fire. They have properties to relieve nasal congestion. and dizziness. Contains 10 grams. Can be used for a long time. Can be inhaled every day.

Ramakien Herbal Inhaler 10g. (4 pieces Set)

  • Variation

    Hanuman inhaler: Mok flower scent (lom element), relieves stress.
    Sukreep inhaler: Cinnamon scent (fire element), good blood circulation.
    Tosakan inhaler, lemongrass scent (earth element), refreshing and alert.
    Virulok inhaler, lotus scent (water element), cool and comfortable scent.

    Weight: 10grams

    Origin: Product of Thailand

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