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Scent designed according to the house element. Contains 10 grams. Creatively created by a Thai designer. Formula researched and developed by Thai herbal experts. Produced in a factory that meets standards and is safe. Can be used to smell every day Guaranteed happiness and freshness Use as a gift to others It is pleasurable for both the giver and the receiver.

Ramakien Herbal Inhaler Lotus Scent - Wiroonhok Yadom 10g.


    Think creatively about new inhalant formulas. which is certified like no other in the world Packed with natural herbs Fermented essential oils.

    This inhaler research new formulas from the science of aroma therapy  with multi-dimensional aroma levels for the ultimate in aesthetics Smell it and your mind will wake up.

    Long-term inhalation is refreshing, relieves stress, and has properties to relieve nasal congestion and dizzy.

    Registration number: G 482/65

    Product type: Herbal medicine (Thai traditional medicine)

    Dimension : (W)52 x (D)52 x (H)75 mm

    Weight : Approx 35 gram

    Origin: Product of Thailand

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