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Pain relief cream formulated specifically for Namman Muay. Easy to use and not too hot which will not irritate the skin. The cream is easily and quickly absorbed and non-greasy. It provides a cooling sensation which can help relax the muscles, relieve and reduce muscle tightness and pain. The cream is suitable for everyday use for reducing muscle pain, bruises and tightness, or for applying before and after exercise (Cool down)

Namman Muay Cream 30g. x3ea

  • How to apply: Squeeze about 1-2 cm of cream from the tube and apply it to the muscle area that has pain. Swollen, sprained, sprained Suitable for muscle aches. in daily life Office SyndromeIngredient: 

    • Methyl Salicylate 10.20% (Methyl Salicylate) Its distinctive feature is that it is a topical analgesic. For relieving acute pain that is not severe such as joint pain, muscle pain from stiffness. or sprained joint inflammation Bruising or back pain, etc.
    • Menthol 5.44% (Menthol) Has an anti-inflammatory effect and cool Used to treat pain and inflammation very well.
    • Eugenol 1.36% in the generic formula (or clove oil 1.5% in the formula household medicine) Relieve pain from cramps Numbness of the hands and feet and relieves pain from insect bites and stings


    Methyl Salicylate 10.2%,Menthol 5.44%, Eugenol 1.36%

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