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MizuMi Aloe plus C Booster (50g. x 5pcs in box)


a lightweight gel infused with 100% organic aloe vera and a unique blend of vitamin C derivatives. This powerful booster delivers a surge of hydration, nourishment, and brightening benefits to your skin, leaving it looking and feeling healthier and more radiant.


Key Benefits:

  • Intense Hydration and Soothing: Pure aloe vera gel deeply hydrates and soothes the skin, providing immediate relief from dryness, irritation, and sunburn.

  • Brightening and Even Skin Tone: Vitamin C derivatives work synergistically to brighten and even out skin tone, reducing the appearance of dark spots and blemishes.

  • Skin Barrier Strengthening: Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, helps strengthen the skin barrier, protecting it from environmental aggressors and promoting overall skin health.

  • Long-lasting Moisture: Saccharide Isomerate, a natural humectant, locks in moisture for long-lasting hydration, keeping your skin feeling supple and refreshed throughout the day.


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MizuMi Aloe plus C Booster (50g. x 5pcs in box)

  • How to Use:

    • Cleanse and tone your face.

    • Apply a generous amount of MizuMi Aloe Plus C Booster to your face and neck, gently massaging until fully absorbed.

    • Use twice daily, morning and evening, for optimal results.

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