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Last Twilight, 2nd edition: A romantic-drama novel with an intense storyline. It is not only a heartwarming love story, but it will also teach you from the characters' experiences that, despite the hardships, life goes on. If we learn to love, then we can.



“Day”, a promising badminton player finds out he has infectious keratitis and will shortly go blind. He has no other choice but to take “Mhok”, a reckless technical college student thug, as his caretaker. While Day is attempting to comprehend the significance of the remaining light, he discovers that Mhok's face, which is only seen as a blur, is becoming increasingly essential in his life. Day has to make the most of his final vision, as well as answer for himself...why he is unable to get Mhok’s face out of his mind.


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  • Pages: 248

    Bonus! One 5 x 7 in  postcard, one 2 x 6 in Photo Strip and one 8.5 x 5.5 cm photocard (One of two designs is chosen at random.)

    Available only in Thai version.

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