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A smash-hit romcom series that makes everyone squeal and smile from beginning to end – As his music club is about to be disbanded, "Gun" (Fourth), the music club leader whose dream is to win the Hot Wave school music contest, must ask the help of the hot and smart school president "Tinn" (Gemini), whose mother happens to be the school principal, to save his club. Tinn, who has a long crush on Gun, goes out of his way to help Gun win the contest so he can ask him to be his boyfriend! – This high school series about love, dreams, and friendship is both binge-worthy and wholesome. All unforgettable and iconic scenes are now included in this special DVD Boxset with exclusive and collectible premium gifts.


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  • • Boxset (19.5 x 27.9 cm)

    • 7 DVDs: Complete 12 episodes (with English Subtitles) plus behind the scenes and making of footage

    • Photobook: 100 pages (18.3 x 26.7 cm)

    • 3 Photocards: 3 official poster designs with Gemini and Fourth's autographs on one poster (18 x 26.7 cm) 

    • 12 Postcards (4 x 6”)

    • 1 Pencil & 1 Eraser: My School President special design

    • 1 Exclusive photocard:  (5.5 x 8.5 cm) PVC photocards printed with special techniques with beautiful metallic finish (One of two designs is chosen at random.)

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