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Bad Buddy Series DVD Boxset


“From two people who can’t be friends…to two people who can’t be just friends” All memorable and iconic scenes from ‘Bad Buddy Series’ with the making of and never-before-seen behind the scenes are now available in DVD BOXSET plus exclusive premium gifts!

Bad Buddy Series DVD Boxset

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  • Included in the BOXSET 

    • -  Boxset: (27.9 x 19.5 cm) with Ohm-Nanon pop up card

      -  7 DVD: Complete 12 episodes (with English Subtitle), 3 official OST Music Videos, never-before-seen behind the scenes

      -  Photobook: 100 pages (18 x 26.7 cm)

      -  5 Photocards: 5 official poster designs with Ohm and Nanon’s autographs (18 x 26.7 cm)

      -  6 Postcards: (4 x 6”) with an easy-to-change paper picture frame stand

      -  2 Bad Buddy Series Exclusive Photocards (5.5 x 8.5 cm) with Ohm and Nanon autographs

      -  2 Bookmarks: 1. Nong Nao (6 x 12 cm) 2. Ohm-Nanon (4.9 x 15 cm)
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