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Cooking Crush Series - Oven Glove


Cooking Crush Oven Glove - as seen in the series, a personal oven glove of Prem (Gun) that he uses so often has become worn out. Ten (Off) takes it to repair for Prem and adds extra decorations before returning it to him. This oven glove represents the warmth and care that Ten always has for Prem. In one set, it contains an oven glove and 4 appliqué pieces – Ten & Prem characters, tomato, lemon.


Product Details:

Material: Inner fabric layer for added thickness, tolerance to hot temperatures up to a maximum of 160 degrees, suitable for both left and right hands, equipped with a loop for easy hanging.


Directions for Use: For gripping and handling hot items.

Cooking Crush Series - Oven Glove

  • Synopsis:

    ‘Love’ between two boys blooms in the midst of ‘duty’ and ‘death.’

    Because of duty, ‘Nuengdiao’ has no choice but to be flawless. He must be at the top and above everyone else as the heir to a prestigious family. Due to the tremendous burden his father left for him to bear before his death, Nuengdiao is forced to grow up alone. He has no friends, no one to be with, no one who understands him, and no one who loves him.

    One day, the presence of his family driver’s son 'Palm' takes place. Palm shows Nuengdiao what it feels like to receive, to have, and to experience things he has never had before in his brief and delicate life. However, the only thing certain in Nuengdiao’s life is uncertainty.

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