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100% genuine product.

Cheraim Brand is famous brand in Thailand for herbal products.

Cheraim Brand Thai Herbal Inhaler 2.5g.

  • Properties: nourishes the heart, relieves wind, relieves dizziness.

    Home medicine Drug registration number G365/53

    Awards/honors OTOP 5 stars, year 2004

    Made from 11 types of herbs

    Important herbs: Kritsana, Phra Hom, Cloves, Tian Satbut. that has properties that help nourish the heart and is not harmful to the nasal cavity Kritsana is a medicine that nourishes the blood, nourishes the heart, and is used in fragrant medicine. Cure wind, dizziness, vomiting Perfume is used as a carminative, to cure colds, and to cure nosebleeds.

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