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Immerse Yourself in Authentic Thai Flavors with Chatramue


Looking for a taste of Thailand delivered straight to your door? Look no further than Chatramue, a brand synonymous with iconic Thai tea and a legacy of quality. With our Thailand personal shopper service, you can easily explore and purchase their diverse range of delicious products, all from the comfort of your home.


Here's why Chatramue is the perfect choice for your Thai tea journey:

Unrivaled Expertise: Since 1945, Chatramue has been perfecting the art of Thai tea, passing down their unique recipes and meticulous production processes through generations. This dedication translates into every cup, delivering an authentic and unforgettable taste experience.


Beyond the Classics: While their flagship Thai Tea, made with hand-selected leaves and a secret blend of spices, is a true legend, Chatramue offers much more.

ChaTraMue Brand Thai Tea Mix (Extra Gold) 400g.

  • Thai Tea Mix (Extra Gold)
    Size: 400g. per bag

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