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Abhaibhubejhr Citronella mosquito repellent spray 150ml.


Contains citronella oil. natural extracts that has been researched to effectively repel mosquitoes without causing toxicity to humans Pets and the environment Suitable for all skin types.

Contains citronella oil which is a natural substance as the main ingredient. From research by the Department of Medical Sciences, it was found that in cages with mosquitoes, Applying Abhaibhubejhr's Citronella mosquito repellent lotion is effective in preventing mosquito bites for 3-4 hours.

However, in areas where mosquitoes are not prevalent, just one application of the lotion can Prevents mosquito bites all night. In addition, citronella has the effect of being an aromatherapy agent. That helps stimulate the mind to be clear.


Ingredients: Citronella Oil

Benefits: Prevents mosquito bites.


How to use: Spray on the skin. To repel mosquitoes for 3 hours


Brand Info

The beginning of Abhaibhubejhr herbs It comes from being a medicine in Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital in Prachinburi Province. Before developing into a consumer product with a selling point of being made from 100% genuine herbs, importantly, Abhaibhubejhr's business model uses the principles of Social Enterprise or social enterprise. Through the Abhaibhubejhr Foundation.

Abhaibhubejhr Citronella mosquito repellent spray 120ml.

  • Size: 120ml.


    • Do not eat Do not use in children under 4 years of age.
    • Do not use in place of general lotion.
    • Should be applied when needed to protect against mosquitoes and be careful not to let children play with it.
    • Before using, try spraying it on the crook of your arm first. If it doesn't cause irritation, you can use it to spray other areas.
    • Use only when necessary.
    • Do not use continuously or in large quantities.
    • Do not apply to soft tissue areas such as near the eyes, lips, eyelids, armpits, or wound areas.
    • After use If you handle food, you should wash your hands first.

    Storage: Close the lid tightly. Store in a closed place, away from children, food, pets, and avoid exposure to sunlight, flames, or heat.

    How to to cure poison:

    • If touching soft tissue Immediately rinse with plenty of water.
    • If it gets into your eyes, immediately rinse with clean water until the irritation subsides.
    • If it doesn't subside, see a doctor immediately.
    • If swallowed, Abhaibhubejhr Citronella mosquito repellent. Induce vomiting by drinking 2 glasses of water and then gargling.
    • If you have severe symptoms Hurry and take the patient to the doctor. With label container or the inserted leaves of Abhaibhubejhr, citronella, mosquito repellent

    Product life: 3 years (from production date)

    Product of Thailand

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